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‘Welcome to the Coffee House’: The Literature of the Eighteenth Century 

This free teaching resource takes the form of a collection of interactive videos created for ‘Sheffield on iTunesU’,  a platform offering ‘free access to the University’s world-class materials.’ This collection is designed to introduce A-Level and first year undergraduate students to the literature of the long eighteenth century. Taking Joseph Addison’s The Free-Holder as a starting point the collection goes onto to encompass broader literary and historical contexts whilst encouraging viewers to construct and articulate their own close readings of the material that they encounter.

The collection discusses the literature of Eighteenth-Century London

The collection discusses the literature of Eighteenth-Century London

Episode Guide

Part 1: Introductions

An introduction to studying literature at University level and an introduction to the primary text that we will be working with in this collection: Joseph Addison’s The Free-Holder.

 Part 2: History

A whistle-stop tour of the key events and critical contexts that will inform our reading of The Free-Holder.

 Part 3: Literature

A brief survey of the types of literature in circulation and a discussion of some literary devices popular at this time.

 Part 4: Conclusions

In the final session we will apply everything we have learnt to the primary text encountered in part 1, building an interpretation through the application of close reading and appropriate historical context.

 The collection takes approximately 50 mins to complete, and can be downloaded here

(Please note, you will need to install iTunes).


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