Samuel Johnson’s ‘Life on Screen’

This month finds me frantically fighting to add all of the final flourishes (and footnotes…) to what I hope will be the last ever draft of my PhD thesis. As such, I fear that I haven’t had chance to write anything new for this blog (although, I do implore you to check out some of the very exciting things that have been happening over on the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Garden Project).

So, instead, I humbly offer you a link to a review essay that I very much enjoyed writing earlier this year for CRITICKS (the online review site of the the British Society of Eighteenth Century Studies):

Johnson’s ‘Life on Screen’

Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson

The essay explores some of the many representations of Samuel Johnson’s story on the big and small screen, covering everything from Blackadder to The Dictionary Man, revealing as it does so that there is as yet to be a production that does justice to the remarkable life of Samuel Johnson.